Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Websphere application start error - A composition unit name already exists.

When you try to deploy an application or perform any administrative actions in Websphere, the following will be thrown:

A composition unit with name already exists. Select a different application name.

The issue is most frequently observed during the installation or removal of application, Say when you are doing a deployment, and there is an error in your deployment, then this bad deployment is saved in the server, this makes the Websphere go out of sync, since the previous deployment was already saved, when you are trying to do a fresh deployment, you will get above error saying that there is a unit already exist with your application name.
Even after you remove the application, you might not be able to do any further or new deployment.

The manual workaround is to delete the respective bad application folders from /blas and /cus directories.
The resource are located in the following config directory of the profile


For example if you see the error while installing MySampleApp.ear
Delete the following directory


Once deleted, re-deploy your application.

Happy Programming...!!

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